Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mooninites Foiled in Plot to Blow Up Boston

I'm never going to get around to posting about that Lee Hyla concert, because this is simply too rediculous to let go. In case you haven't been newsing it up, a set of Lite-Brites of Ignitnot and Err giving you the finger as hard as they can that were scattered around Boston were mistaken for bombs. Panic ensues, the T is shut down, cats and dogs living together what have you. After all the chaos, the perpetrators are apprehended but not before Turner Broadcasting reveals that they are indeed behind the whole mess. (For an interesting study in journalistic bias, compare the previous cited Globe article with the CNN article, a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting)

Three things strike me. First, the follow up after the court hearing shows one of the defendants in a surprisingly positive light. Second, I personally saw one of these boxes in Mission Hill. (It appears to be one of them that have been dismantled, although 10 or so seem to be on the loose yet. Ebay!) It lit up and Err flipped me off. I was pleased, remembered that the movie was coming out some time in the near future and continued on my way. I totally forgot about it (and the movie, take that viral marketing!) until this whole shitstorm happened. Could terrar hide bombs behind cartoon characters?!?!?!?!111

The best part was that the news stories made it sound like the entire city had been swallowed by panic. I didn't know anything about it until the backlash starting hitting FanTent. Had it been an earthbomb rather than a technologically advanced moonbomb, I would have been fucked.

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