Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In 2008 I...

It seems like a lot of blogs I follow have agreed with Merlin Mann's dictate of quality over quantity, more spawling manifestos and less memeing. Of course I lack the quality so the quantity has fallen off as well, but I can follow my own memes.

  • I got me a master's degree! How about that!
  • I became a musicologist in earnest, no more hiding the Dark Arts
  • This led me to move to Iowa, to regain Midwest street cred (this is something that exists)
  • This was also moving with Angela, which is certainly the best thing on this list
  • Participated in a bonafide natural disaster. Turns out that I end up obsessing over, a website few other people know exists.
  • Too many funerals. Of course, this implies the concept of "not enough" or "just the right amount" of funerals.
  • Not only have I declared my trade, but actually attempted to peddle it at the big show.
Didn't I say in 2006 that this would be a banner year? I suppose so, but I've also learned not to much such predictions again.