Monday, February 26, 2007

And When You're Old Enough, Run For Office

Posting may be intermittent this week (or at least the intermittent nature of the posting is explained), the ever watchful eye of my Haydn seminar has turned its unyielding gaze unto me. Unless you guys want to talk about the opening movement of The Creation, then we can have a bitch of a time.

In the meantime, I've been minorly obssessed for the past couple of weeks over this video of Frank Zappa's 1986 appearance on Crossfire. Important points to watch for 1) John Lofton of the Washington Times informs Zappa that he needs to get out more. 2) Zappa's refusal to reveal anything more than mild irritation. 3) Lofton's penetrating fear of Zappa telling disaffected youth to infiltrate the system.

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fightsacynic said...

I took solace from the raging fury that Lofton inspires deep within my soul from the fact that his immature, badgering, patronizing and pugilistic discourse revealed his true colors as a close minded, book burning idealogue who is terrified at the death of a then stagnant and oppressive status quo. His flurry of ad hominem attacks made him look like a bully with an inferiority complex or a child in the middle of a tanrum.
Props to big daddy Z for remaining cool in the face of this douchebag's erroneous claims and bullshit attacks. Thanks for the post.