Monday, February 05, 2007

Flux In A Box

 A quick hello to everyone coming in from the Secret Society blog. I didn't do one of these welcome shenanigans when Ethan Iversen linked to me, but I am an older and wiser man now.

In a nutshell I'm one of the thousands of guitarists in Boston, my difference is that I'm primarily a classical player (for now) and already have a degree in my clenched fists. At the moment I'm persuing a masters at the Boston Conservatory, and having moved here originally from Wisconsin I'm trying to take advantage of all the activities that weren't previously available. Most of the posts revolve around this quest of finding pretension whereever I can, but I occasionally lapse into talking about metal. Also I know that the header includes foodyism, and believe me I enjoy eating as much as the next guy, but I haven't really gotten around to writing about it. My off-topic wiggle room is mainly taken up by pinhole photography. Here are some writing samples for your enjoyment.

I wholly encourage you to subscribe through my fancy-lad FeedBurner feed (e-mail subscriptions also available), since I certainly hope I will continue to get better at this. Also, thank you Mr. Argue for continuing to be my blog hero.

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