Wednesday, February 14, 2007

F-Stop A Billion

I don't like to obsess over my statistics, but I notice a sizable percentage of people coming from, a large (the largest?) pinhole photography web forum. Hopefully not just for my bummer story about gallery openings. A welcome to you all anyway, maybe you guys are interested in modern music as well? I should really change the header to swap out "foodyism" with "pinhole photography". Equal in dignity and pretension, savvy?

My posts on the topic of film in boxes are collected here, but the real gold is all in the Flickr set. Feel free to leave comments about my lack of skillz, but for in depth knowledge of The Populist you'll need to go to the source.

Furthermore, subscribe to the feed or by e-mail to be notified of future tragedies. Note: these are all of my tragedies and not just the photography related ones.

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