Thursday, February 15, 2007

If I Ran The Zoo: Feb 15-18

Let's try a new Idea. A brief concert calendar of what I would see each weekend if I had all the money in the universe. I'll list runners-up so that there's some concert music on here each time even if I decide to go to a metal or jazz show. Also there will be a concentration of free concerts and concert at the Boston Conservatory, since I've got me a recital attendance requirement.

Thursday: BSO performs Haydn (not bad since I'm in a Haydn class now anyway), Wuorinen (world premiere!), and Brahms 4.

Friday: Alarm Will Sound plays music of Conlon Nancarrow, eat babies, enslaves civilizations. All at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Saturday: Dark Elegies, a Mahler mash-up perhaps inspired by Uri Caine's continued success. Also dancing! TBC Mainstage Theater.

Sunday: Roger Tapping, violist for the Takacs Quartet and new TBC faculty addition. Sorry, can't think of anything snarky for this one. TBC Seully Hall.

And yes, two posts in one day. I know.

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