Saturday, February 10, 2007

Labyrinth + Pippi Longstocking + Wing + Drag Queens = Quality?

Sure, it's not the most obvious combination but that's what being avant-garde is all about. Another list in lieu of a real post.

  • Gentleman and scholar Matthew Guerreri of Soho the Dog added me to his blogroll on the sly, what a swell guy. I return the favor (see right).
  • Dan Willis has returned to the blogosphere, posting his Lawrentian articles of pretension and wit.
  • I have long harbored the secret fear of my various culinary heroes being totally incompatible, but I can finally sleep: Anthony Bourdain is cool with Alton Brown.
  • Twelve-tone funk? Impossible, you say. Nay, I (and Dial M) respond.
  • Unlike most other weeks, considering that these are the goddamn finals the plan all along was to let this vote run two weeks. I implore you, even if you ignore your state and local elections, to vote.

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