Thursday, February 22, 2007

If I Ran The Zoo: Feb 22-25

I am never promising to deliver anything the next day ever again unless it is already written. I'm not a pro blogger yet. However in the days that I've been trying to write about the Alarm Will Sound concert it seems like I'm started to be invited to the big kid's table. So I best get that shit done.

You'll notice that this weekend's dance card is a touch heavier than the last.

Thursday: Damn you Boston Symphony Orchestra for turning on the college card for all of your Thursday concerts. Apres concert drinks are really starting to add up. The Finland love-in also continues the surprisingly regularity of large ensemble premieres I've witnessed. (See Soho the Dog)

Friday: What is better than a lot of notes? A lot of notes played at inhuman speed. I'm not particularly excited by the rest of the nu-metal hootenanny at the Avalon, but the chance to see the twin towers of Dragonforce in something more than picture in picture glory is tempting.

Saturday: Okay, you want more Finns and who can blame you. The Boston Philharmonic, one of the contenders for second-best orchestra in Boston, rolls into Jordan Hall for more Sibelius.

Sunday: It is the day of rest, I wish there was something to do. Oh wait, BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS BAD PLUS (at the MFA)

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