Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Battle on Three Fronts

Sorry about the delay, it turns out the logistics of moving across the country take far more time than any sort of mental or artistic preparation. Crock of shit.

Either way, The Rambler draws my attention to a fire-and-brimstone sermon about the state of artistic politics from the Telegraph. (I hear they give papers names like that in the Ingleterre!) Powerful stuff, something I've definitely bothered my friends destined for education with.

But more importantly, I may not be able to make it in person but if you're going to be in the New York area this weekend you should go to the Full Force festival at Tonic. John Zorn has curated the "new rock complexity" and my former sensei Kevin Gallagher will be playing with his neato band Electric Kompany on Saturday at 8 PM. It might be the best thing ever.

Side note: I love these Augustine Imperial Blues.