Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back to the Light

 Another set of airports for me today as I head back to Boston for Act 2. I'll post if Milwaukee happens to have free wifi, but if all else fails I've got my trusty new pocketbook to corral all my thoughts in. (My lunch in Logan last month was one of the more productive thinking times I've had in awhile.)

This seems like a good time to mention that to prevent myself from going to a coma due to lack of trivia at the end of month I'm tentatively planning on attending Vericon up at Harvard, a nerdfest I'm admittedly going to primarily to meet demi-hero Jeffrey Rowland. However I plan on throwing my hat into the ring at the Verilympics, primarily looking at the Betrayal at House on the Hill event. I notice on the schedule at the Monopoly event is only given two hours, so they must play some extra bloodlusty version of the game.

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