Sunday, January 14, 2007

Celebrity Deathwatch: IAJE Edition

Concerning the passing of Michael Brecker, the Internets agree that Mark Turner said it best (although we all heard it first on Do the Math)

Fuck those motherfuckers who don't give it up for Michael Brecker.

In the jazz circles I rolled with in Wisconsin, Brecker was nigh invincible. I can't think of anyone else that a widely diverse of pretentious jazzholes can unanimously agree on, especially someone who could be unapologetically accessible while continuing to blow your goddamn brains out.

One of the first posts I made to this blog was bitching about how classical composers seem to only achieve acceptance upon death. I've mellowed this stance a bit, if you're dead anyway why not let it be a final press release. I hope that happens in the case of Alice Coltrane, who we lost almost simultaneously. Any dumb bastard can talk about Giant Steps or the albums with the classic , but the real hipsters know to go later to find the hard stuff. I'm going to go listen to Live at the Village Vanguard Again!....again.

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