Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Few Quick Ones

!) I've finally thought of a New Year's resolution. Eat more fish, I live on a goddamn harbor for Chrissakes.

@) Despite living in a bigger city, I find myself less in touch with popular music. Despite Rolling Stone officially not being cool at all, I couldn't help but feel bad when I did rather poorly at recognizing their 100 greatest albums of the year. I certainly do miss working at a radio station. However, I did considerable better on this list of the best metal albums of the year, as decided by metallists themselves!

#) The aforementioned list and all the Queen references got me to break down and get My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade. I've got fond remembrances of MCR, their Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge was the first damn CD I ever opened working as a music director at WLFM. However, I do know Queen, and My Chemical Romance is no Queen. Still a fantastic album, however. The great hilarity is all this is that MCR is heavily rooted in punk rawk and Queen's attempt at punk ("Sheer Heart Attack", the song not the album) is awful.

$) Speaking of Queen, rumour has it (okay, actually Wikipedia) that Brian May is planning on finishing his doctorate in astrophysics this year. You know, the one he quit to tour with Queen in 1974. This gives me hope that a) I still could still join/form an awexome even doing higher education b) even 30 years down the line I can finish up that physics degree.

%) Since I forgot to fix the links for Lightning Bolt and James Tenney, this round of the tournament will run a week long. And those links still aren't fix, I r teh sUke.

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