Saturday, October 21, 2006


Despite being here for nearing two months I have yet to be to a "rock show" or a "punk show", but the good Mr. Borej and I were finally able to go to the esteemed club Avalon (normally known for house music), but not for a rawk band. Instead we watched a radioactive can of soup kick the crap out an unbelievable number of Space Bugs. What? Believe what I say, for danger can happen! (The uninitated might want to check out the Wikipedia entry.) Most of the big press for Kaiju Big Battel happened a couple years ago, but if Schpladoinkle Mania XVIII is any indication it is only getting more twisted. It was unbelievably refreshing to actually get out and do something that has absolutely nothing to do with classical music, and after having wanting to witness Los Plantanos in action since I heard about them, itturns out that the damn thing is based in Boston! Evidence of moving to the correct city #2, but I wish I could be involved in something as insane as this.

Tonight brings me back to the land of pretention (as opposed to irony?) with trying to scam some tickets to see Sharon Isbin play the Aranjuez with the Boston Philharmonic. I'll admit that I'm going if I can't get rush tickets, but it's crucial for the Aranjuez cagematch. (Pepe Romero is performing it with the BSO come December)

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