Monday, October 30, 2006


I've a bar for myself with posts that might be damn near unattainable. I've got two (2) topics but need to research them a bit, however I'm not dead. Here are things rattling inside my head:

1) This Most Annoying Song quagmire has already dragged me to depths I didn't think possible. Get your nominations in soon.

2) I plan on attending MIT's Sensorium exhibit before the end of the week, maybe Thursday. This will go nicely with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project concert I'm going to on Friday.

3) My term paper's topic has switched from Martin to Reich, which complements my goal of a Reich concert. His story is actually rather inspirational, for me anyway. This is one (1) of the two (2) topics I previously alluded to.

4) Who gets to decide what their good pieces are? Is it rude to dig up a composer's "student works" if you think they're good?

5) Oh shit, Halloween's in seven minutes.

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