Monday, September 18, 2006

Why won't you give me a library card, Boston Public Library?

Perhaps in the first time since the development of finances, I am eagerly awaiting my first bill. However, since I don't really subscribe to anything, my debit card from Bank of America will probably beat it here. All this so I can prove that I'm not driving in from Rhode Island or Vermont exclusively to use Boston's library system. I imagine it has a lot to do with this Taxachusettes thing I hear so much about.

As you can probably already tell, this post isn't going to be so much thematic material as a shotgun blast. Blogs need posts like spider plants need water. If you try hard enough, you can kill it.

My education demands that I write program notes for a faux concert, without doubt sidetracks I discover upon my research will be posted here. Also, I'll be performing in a chamber group with a flutist and violinist. Who wrote for that?

I'm sorry if I assumed that everyone would recognize the album that the good Mlle. Hilton was holding. Nonetheless, apparently she did have some Beefheart tucked away in there (no laughing!), it just took Banksy (NSFW) and Danger Mouse to find it. Supposedly no one returned the album, which is the best. My weak investigations haven't come up with any actual sound files however, perhaps they are less impressive than the Mouse's more recent work. Prove me wrong.

In order to keep this somewhat useful to the general universe, while not classically postured BreakThru Radio has given a lovely lass a green light to do a show dedicated to the music of the mighty city of Boston. That featured an unnecessary amount of alliterration. G'yar, again!

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