Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Re-Enter The Age Technologick

I am alive and safe in Boston, with a new computer box to boot. With the super-happy fun built-in iSight I couldn't help but finally build some sort of picture to associate with meself. I'm still bad at taking pictures that include my face.

I'm looking forward to continuing a lightly packed orientation week at the Boston Conservatory, but alas I'll probably continue to spend it acclamating to living in der Big City and actually buying groceries rather than enjoying whatever excitement is going on around town. Not to mention that my main source for Boston info has done suspiciously silent. Damn damn double damn.

If you play attention to any other music blogs you've probably noticed the Ethan Iversen 1973-1990 jazz album extravaganza. Alas, most of the excitement occured during my technological lapse and missed the deadline for the response. I don't know what I could add anyway, Mr. Iversen himself dismissed Mahavishnu so I'd stand up for Inner Mountain Flame at least. I point this out more to illustrate that there seem to be two paths to blog stardom, extreme knowledgibility (the aforementioned extravaganza, On An Overgrown Path) or having balls the size of Kansas. (Daring Fireball's MacBook wager, Penny Arcade's defeat of Jack Thompson) I guess I better start reading books.

Until things pick up (or I pick them up!) I'm going to be focusing on publicizing this bad boy. Post comments, make me look cool.


The Audiovisualist said...

Nice picture, very mysterious. I notice the frame on the wall behind you and wonder about that.

fightsacynic said...

For real, I was looking at the Ethan Iverson's list and was blown away. But I was pleasantly not overly surprised to see his mention of Woody Shaw. I think its a tragedy that Woody Shaw doesn't get more props, he was a motherfucker.

Andy H-D said...

I think, alas, I only know Woody Shaw for his reputation as a quitter. (The whole clarinet as a lamp deal) Or I'm thinking of someone else, my jazz history is fading quickly.

fightsacynic said...

Woody Shaw is widely known as the king of seventeentuplets. He was like Freddie Hubbard, except with bigger glasses.