Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Goals Beyond

First posts are always awkward, especially for readability, but falling out the door is better than not coming outside at all. There's also a heavy sense of purpose, the need to make it some sort of manifesto. But the hell with that noise.

I'm a guitarist graduating from Lawrence University, a small liberal arts school in Appleton, Wisconsin, and moving in the fall to the big cit-ay of Boston Mass. I aim to use this space to chronicle my full-scale invasion of the contemporary concert music scene. My pedigree isn't necessarily lacking, having studied with Kevin Gallagher and Marcos Balter, but isn't going to turn any heads either. My initial attempts to find a community were lacking, but hopefully being in the thick of things rather than depending on the Inter-tron will help.

I hope to be able to start a podcast of some sweet sweet bleeding-edge music, to followed by putting together my own ensemble following in the footsteps of skull crackers like Icebreaker and Alarm Will Sound, but I imagine everyone's trying to do that now.

Anyway, let's see where this goes.

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