Friday, June 16, 2006

Boycott Delta

Being admittedly green about all this, I've been wary of unions and societies and other congregations of people wielding mob power. I did finally bring myself to joining ASCAP today, we'll see if I can sneak by with those couple songs I did long ago with my rock band of questionable quality.

The Union, and by capital U Union I refer to the American Federation of Musicians, still weirds me out a little despite that fact that as mainly a performer it's probably a better fit for me than ASCAP. (And look at all those cool people on the titlebar! How can they be bad if they've got...uh...the guy from the Goo Goo Dolls? And Paul Shaeffer?) All I knew about them was when Bryan told me that Disney didn't hire union musicians, and that was four years ago. However, they've now raised the alarm on something that has actually affected me.

Delta Air, long known as the worst airline ever for all time forever, is being boycotted for explicitly ignored a polite AFM letter asking to allow musicians to carry on their instruments. has the most vitriolic post, and apparently been hollering about it for some time, but ANABlog has the real grit, photos of some of the instruments decimated by their throwers.

Guitarists have it rather lucky, my Stephen Kakos classical is a masterfully made instruments and yet I obtained it for a mere $2300. (This post may be edited for insurance fraud purposes.) Also, after an incident where a Boston to Appleton to flight left me stranded in Atlanta, it's not a hard sell to get me to boycott Delta. Alas, I'm still the tax bracket where I have to Priceline all my flights. Just another reason to buy a Calton case.

Lastly, if it seems like I'm stealing all my post ideas from Darcy James Argue, I am. He's cool, I suck.

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