Saturday, August 09, 2008


NetNewMusic, a website spoken in hushed tones around new music circles, has been reborn using the Ning social network interface. I don't know exactly what I did to get an invite within the first 24 hours of its existence, probably the annoying song thing. The medium of the social networking site surprised me at first, but after some thought one can cross their eyes and think of sites like these just as web forums with really tricked out profile pages. My hope is that this particular clubhouse, unlike brothers-in-arms NewMusicBox and Sequenza21, maybe some performers and musicologists show up to break up the composer fest. Despite my apparent ascension into the new music glitterati, everyone really should check it out.

Speaking of new social technologies I'm trying to get better with Twitter. I've essentially only used it to follow the Mars Phoenix lander but remember a hubbub among academics about it some time ago. I added it to the sidebar some time ago (increasing the cussing on the blag by a factor of one hojillion) but mainly use it to emit questions into the aether. However, if anyone else is doing such this or has a better idea of what Twitter can do, look me up.


Tiven said...

I got an invite to netnewmusic too, but haven't had a chance to sign up yet. I probably will soon, but I'm starting to get a little sick of the millions of social networks popping up left and right. I'm on twitter too, but I quickly realized that I don't care what people are doing every second of every day.

Andy H-D said...

There always exist readymade architectures for Interweb collaboration as such. Five years ago it would have been a forum, two years ago it would have been a delicious/reddit clone. So now its easiest to assemble as a social network site.

I hope to avoid the "will eat-eating-ate" tendency of Twitter, but its fun to ask questions into the aether.

paul bailey said...

andy (and friends)

here is your 'official' invite to NNM. so far its becoming more of an anti-social network, but judging from your blog you should fit in nicely with all the other musicologists and musicians and all freaks who spend too much time on JSTOR or the practice cave should fit in well.