Saturday, June 28, 2008

Clapp Your Hands Say Yeah

I got to go to Voxman for the first time since we were evactuated as part of a take-all-comers cleanup crew and furthermore was assigned to Clapp Recital Hall. This was my first time getting to see the space, as I had missed it during my interview tour, and seeing it in this light was akin to walking in to Santa's Cottage only to come across an elf choking him. I can say that it is destroyed it a sense somewhere between potential riot damage to "at least it wasn't a fire".

The first seven rows were clearly submerged with the next four rows showing a mark on the upholstery or wooden endcaps. All of the carpeting was being removed and the entire day was spent scraping off fetid blue foam. The stage floor was already removed when we got there, and the shell (easily seen in this picture) had a clear water mark up about a foot and a half.

This is the only picture that turned out, as I was only armed with cellphone and the only lighting available was a single halogen bulb (which frequently went down). My fragile hands were unable to do the work two days in a row but despite the devastation the work is progressing very quickly.

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