Monday, December 31, 2007

In 2007 I...

  • Became, for better or worse, a mighty TA
  • Got a whole bunch of links, and proceeded to squander it by not posting
  • Had my first program notes gig (Haydn's The Creation for Abendmusik in Lincoln)
  • In lieu of a summer job I worked at a hotel for 73 hours in a single week
  • Had my Boston debut? For a private party, but it was still in Boston.
  • Snuck somehow into a new music ensemble
  • Had my first professional recording gig (for a movie called The Supermarket, which I presume exists)
  • Stopped blogging for, like, two fucking months to apply to musicology programs

When I did this last year I suspected that the list for this year wouldn't quite add up, but I ended up being busier than anticipated. Hopefully this goes someway to explaining the lull, now that the applications are out of the way we should be able to get back down to business. Doesn't everyone say that?

Do an enjoy for 2008, anyway.

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