Monday, October 01, 2007

Like The Ancient Navigators, Except With the Citgo Sign Instead of Stars

Sorry about the lapse (one of these again!), but a joke got way less funny.

I mentioned previously about the anal-retentive way I blog, and have been trying to streamline my workflow as so I can do it better. I'm trying out moving to Google Reader so I can read everything everywhere, but feel a little cautious about surrending yet another part of my life to The Google.
Other infrastructure stuff has been tinkered with as well, nothing actually amounting to anything.
Now this is the best part. I've actually got some guitar playing in the pipe, but I must keep in a secret. More like none of it is double-dog confirmed yet and I don't want to look foolish.
Carry on, back to work.
P.S. Holy suite Jesus! I know I've taken to a number of Boston area teams, but go Rockies!
Picture source, by the way.

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