Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Uh oh, politics.

Two weeks ago, Barack Obama suggested making video of the presidential debates free and releasing it under a Creative Commons license. Suffice it to say that transparency and audience participation have not been hallmarks of the recent political climate.

Meanwhile, Alberto Gonzalez unveiled a plan to make everything illegal including "attempted" copyright infringement, "intended" copyright crimes, and involve penalties like million dollar fines and life imprisonment.

In a totally unrelated manuever, I've finally gotten around to releasing all these neural firings under a Creative Commons license. This isn't to say that I have any illusions of being anything but unimaginable orders of magnitude smaller than the more cosmic movements of the first two paragraphs, but I can only control my own actions. Whether I will ever be able to discard my likely antiquated concept of the music biz enough to license my tunes similarly is entirely another matter, but as far as these words go: what's the point of shooting them into the Intarweb if you they can't, you know, web.

The CEO of Sun Microsystems, a company undergoing a renaissance due to their embracing of open philosophy, said in a blog post that I certainly hope echoes for some time

We decided to innovate, not litigate.

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