Monday, November 06, 2006

Good Deed Get!

Not musicky related, but still a good cause nonetheless. Penny Arcade has started up their fourth iteration of Child's Play with a whole slew of new hospitals for the givin' to. They hope to beat last year's number of a million billion. If you were saving up for a PS3, just buy a 360 or a Wii and give the difference to Child's Play. You know that Sony has no launch lineup.

Also, I believe Ms. Hilton (making a return appearance) has a word for you.
And yes, I know that she didn't actually register to vote two years ago. The midterm doesn't get the blitz that a big national race does. I'm speaking to you, 18 to 24 year old. And I've already voted (absentee) so I'm one step ahead of you. While I'll avoid politics, since it's bad dinner conversation and simply that the fact that I moved to Massachusetts says enough about my political leanings, you should go vote even if to try and cancel out mine. Make it a date, or whatever.

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