Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Facebook/Shenanigans/Sounding the Alarm

I've publicized this blog to all of my private students, some of whom are as youthful as 8. So no more cussing. I'll try at least.

I'm also taking advantage of Facebook's mirroring feature or something. So no cussing from you guys either.

In more musical news Alarm Will Sound announced their 06/07 season, and they come within striking distance. As in two blocks.

Friday, February 16, 2007 at 7:00pm
Composer Portrait: Conlon Nancarrow
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 280 The Fenway, Boston, MA

Conlon Nancarrow, Piece No. 1 for Small Orchestra
Conlon Nancarrow, String Quartet No. 1
Conlon Nancarrow, Sonatina for Piano
John Orfe, piano
Conlon Nancarrow, Septet
Conlon Nancarrow, Three Movements
Conlon Nancarrow, Player Piano Study No. 2 arr. Gavin Chuck
Conlon Nancarrow, Player Piano Study No. 6 arr. Yvar Mikhashoff
Conlon Nancarrow, Player Piano Study No. 3A arr. Derek Bermel

But who's this Conlon Nancarrow guy? I only know him from his player piano studies, which are supposed to be beyond human ability. That's the sort of hubris I like from a modern ensemble, but those studies are beginning the taxing slope of academicism in my mind. I'll go anyway.


fightsacynic said...
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fightsacynic said...

Dude, Conlon Nancarrow has a piece on this new album out on Warp. It's the London Sinfonietta playing works by modern composers who have sort of the same mechanical aesthetic as the Warp musicians. Also on the album are arrangements of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher FOR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA. Needless to say, its a nifty album, takes a couple listens, but muo coolo. Anyway, Nancarrow has a really cool musician/machine piece on the album.